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Madison Baker

2024 Rawlings Clout Ai BBCOR -3 Baseball Bat

2024 Rawlings Clout Ai BBCOR -3 Baseball Bat

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The Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat is made of one piece of alloy and is optimized for stiffness and mid-load swing weight, making it ideal for athletes in high school and college. The Clout AI is made of Red Alloy+, the most responsive aerospace-grade alloy, which allows for thin walls for maximum power and outstanding performance and longevity. With patent-pending AI-generated inner wall variants that fine-tune the whole bat and deliver optimal performance across the barrel, embrace the future of baseball technology with Generative AI Technology. The longest sweet spot is attainable because to the expanded barrel shape and adjusted swing weight. A pleasant and solid grip is provided by the superior tackiness and cushioning of the premium REVGrip material. Clout AI holds a BBCOR certification.

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